Well it’s been a few days since I last posted.  Nothing has changed really.  Had a few interviews, they went well but not getting my hopes up.  As i’ve stated before, we are leaving for vacation next month to Puerto Vallarta.  Hell, I should just try to get a job there at the resort we are staying at.  Right now I’m just sitting here at Starbucks, my home away from home, looking at jobs online.  Actually im looking around me at all these people and wondering what they do in life.  I think it’s funny when celebs use twitter, post something, then delete because they don’t want to get scrutinized over what they wrote. Instead of sticking up for what they believe, they were “hacked”.  Amare Stoudemire,  Dwight Howard  and Rihanna are the lasted to tweet “Free Palestine” and then delete it.  I don’t see the problem with expressing your opinion, but unfortunately in todays society, people get butthurt if you don’t agree with them.  Nobody likes war, such as the one going on with Israel and Palestine.  I understand the connection with Palestine and Hamas, but go after Hamas itself and not innocent kids.  We (the US) supports Israel’s efforts against Palestine.  I think this is just setting up more problems for us in the future.  We are creating Palestine terrorist.  You think those kids seeing their family get killed are going to forget who helped make it happen?  Look at the money we are sending them, Israel’s up-to-date defense budget for 2012 is $15 billion, with 70 percent contributed by Israeli taxpayers, 21 percent coming from U.S. aid and 9 percent coming from Defense Ministry income. (businessinsider, 2012).  How do we have 3.1billion to send to Israel but we can’t put that towards deterring the violence we have in Chicago?  Change of subject, yesterday a Malaysia Airlines jetliner was shot down over the Ukraine.  Russia is now blaming Ukraine and vise versa.  I guess now we just sit back and watch these to go at it.  I’m not making a joke of the situation, but if you owned stock in Malaysia Airlines…damn.  A plane goes missing and now a plane shot down. Let’s see how other countries take to this with Russia hosting the World Cup in 2018. 

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