The last post i did I spoke about my health and how it sucks.  Well, today was a perfect example.  My hands were cold while my head was blazing hot.  My sugar when I woke up was 146, 10 minutes after lunch it went to 263.  I sugar usually goes up, but not that damn quick.  My legs and arms are aching so damn much.  I took a shower, part hot, part cold.  My body didn’t know what it wanted.  I first woke up about 10am, at that lunch and just woke up again about 630pm.  So my Saturday is shot to hell.  My stomach hurts and my back is burning.  I go see the VA on the 25th to see if we can figure this out.  I just don’t want to feel like this on our trip to Puerto Vallarta.  I’m slamming water and eating these dry ass crackers, which probably isn’t going to help with all the salt on them.  As bad as I feel i have to remember that there are others who are worse off than me.  


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